Bookshops With Comfy Seats

We all like bookshops that let you browse in comfort.

Borders probably ranks the best. Nice black leather and springy sofas to tuck into with a pile of books and magazines. They dont mind even if you dont replace the readables in the racks after you have done with them. I replace them religiously tho cos the good times may not last. The gents toilet is bearable with boring scribble on the walls. The Charring Cross Road branch has a water fountain I appreciate.

Foyles is getting better but still they have that wooden chair which is more like a stool. Not browser-friendly at all. The number of titles available makes me put up with this. Staff dont care. If you are in the computer section look out for the free OReilly writing pads that you can help yourself with :) I have a supply sorted out for the next year. If you see a guy really helping himself with the notebooks, its probably me.

Blackwells, Waterstones are not browser friendly. I have to sit on the floor at the former. The latter seems to place sofas near security guards.

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