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[grubstreet] Fw: RE: Use of your photographs?

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From: Earle Martin
Subject: [grubstreet] Fw: RE: Use of your photographs?
Date: 22:48 on 09 Sep 2002
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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 22:40:05 +0100
Subject: RE: Use of your photographs?
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Hi Earle,

You're quite welcome to use any of my pictures on your website, so long as
I'm credited. I assume you're talking about the panoramic picture of the
West Portico - which I must confess, I think turned out really well. That
was one of my first experiments in stitching together pictures with my new
digital camera.

Just one point I feel I need to correct you on, I wasn't actually on holiday
in London - I was born, live and now work in London! I was actually born
about five minutes walk from St. Paul's Cathedral in St. Bartholomew's
Hospital, and I now work for Westminster City Council. (Here's the view from
my office building - - with St
Paul's right in the centre on the horizon.)

If you do want/need any other pictures of areas around London, let me know
and I could take them for you, if you like. (Yes, I'm still at that early
stage of playing with my new camera that I will take hundreds of pictures of
the same thing! :) ).

Looks like the site'll have quite a lot of information as it develops. I'll
keep an eye on it, and occasionally add a few useless facts - such as the
trivial bits and pieces about Eduardo Paolozzi I just added to the Tottenham
Court Road tube station page :)



Michael Reeve BA PhD

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> From: Earle Martin []
> Sent: 09 September 2002 21:21
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> Subject: Use of your photographs?
> Dear Michael,
> I run a small, not-for-profit website guide to London called
> Grubstreet
> ( ). I came across your
> photographs, and was
> wondering if you'd permit me to use your photo of the West
> Portico of St.
> Paul's Cathedral on the site - credited, of course. I'm trying to be
> scrupulous about copyright.
> I must also confess that I'd get a kick out of having two
> photos on the same
> page by a guy called Michael Reeve and somebody else called
> Mike Reed, both
> taken whilst they were on holiday. I'm funny like that.
> Would this be alright with you?
> Sincerely,
> Earle Martin.
> --
> I am against systems, the most acceptable system is on
> principle to have
> none.                                  - Tristan Tzara, "Dada
> Manifesto"

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