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Re: [grubstreet] A friendlier front page

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From: Kate L Pugh
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] A friendlier front page
Date: 13:50 on 17 Aug 2002
On Fri 16 Aug 2002, Earle Martin <> wrote:
> Yes, I'll do that now.

I'm thinking now along the lines of having something like "About
Grubstreet" and/or "Contact Us" -- lots of sites have these kinds of
things so people tend to look for them.  We could put the NMS formmail
on "Contact Us" as well as the email address.

>> shall I set the list so non-subscribers need to be moderated, or not?
> If it's going to be so visible, yes, that would be a good idea.

I think I'll leave it for now and change it only if we start getting
spam.  Any objections?

>> I'm just a bit fed up that no new people are contributing.
> Me too. We need to go on a publicity blitz.

OK.  Ideas for where to publicise it?  Various blogs, I suppose.
I've added the URL to my news .sig, which might help a little bit.
>> (I'd also like a search box higher on the page so it's immediately visible.)
> Good plan. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a bug. Try pasting the
> following code into HomePage somewhere and hitting "Preview" - it
> sends me to the index of all pages, for some reason.

I tried it with Galeon -- it let me preview but not save.  So I
figured it as a browser issue and sure enough lynx Does What We Want.
I've just put a search box in the Sandbox and will put one on the
front page later when head less fuzzy and can think about design
things, unless someone else does it first.


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