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Re: [grubstreet] Wiki indexing patch

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From: Ivor Williams
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] Wiki indexing patch
Date: 01:28 on 16 May 2002
I've done about 2/3 of the site with indices which will appear under >Site

I've also encountered some issues while doing this exercise. These are listed under "wishlist" on the site. I intend to do a patch
revision to resolve these issues - let me know if you think I am barking up the wrong end of the stick :-).

I've done the whole of "Pubs", putting the entries directly into [[+Pubs]] if I couldn't determine the brewery/pubco.

However, I think it might be better for Kake to do Food... as there are several ways to organise the hierarchy.


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> On Fri 10 May 2002, Ivor Williams <ivor.williams@xxxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:
> > Problem with line wraps in previous post (now fixed). Damn that
> > M$oft default setting :-[
> Patch applied; sorry to take so long to do it.  Ivor, could you start
> rearranging the beta site to reflect how you think the content should
> best be organised to take advantage of the patch?  URL here for
> convenience:
> Kake
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